Branding for startups to launch and win.

One flat fee, built by an expert team, delivered in just 21 days.
Simple process. Amazing results.

How we work

You select a plan and answer 15 simple but powerful questions.
We get to work and deliver an entire unique brand in 21 days.
Build with confidence & clarity using your comprehensive brand styleguide.

Why work with us?

for me?

We're branding experts

We’re the same team from Lunour↗, a branding studio based in sunny Southern California that is focused on startups—from tech to DTC brands.

15+ years of experience

We’ve worked in all areas of design including: branding, marketing, product, visual design, etc.

Founders need more than a logo

Having just a logo file will not take your business far. That's why we deliver so much more. We create complete brand guidelines and examples to ensure your brand launches with the same consistent quality, everywhere — from your website, to social posts, to a billboard, and beyond.

Buuut... there’s a problem

Most early stage founders can’t afford our $90k-$35k packages and 12 week timelines.
So, we completely reimagined how we could make the same quality brands accessible for startups.
The struggle is real

How startups get a brand done today

Do-it-yourself? On top of all the other things on your to-do list?
A cheap brand communicates that you are a cheap business.
A great option, but many can’t afford it or aren’t at the right stage.
There’s a better way
A better process for startups

How startups create a brand with Logolaunch

with Logolaunch
Stupid simple to start
No pitches, proposals or lengthy contracts. Schedule in minutes.
Managed async
All progress & communication in a one place. No time wasted.
Everything you need
From multiple logo formats to complete guidelines, you’re set.
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Brands we've built

We build brands that help you build your business.
A complete brand + guidelines

What’s included

With Logolaunch you get a full brand, with mockups that bring your brand to life & styleguide that will show you how to start using your brand across your business.
Custom Logo + Logotype
Multiple layouts & lockups
Typography + Fonts
Font Pairings
Color Palette
A full color scheme with examples
Exported Logo Files
Every file format, ready to use
Real world mockups
Multiple examples, visuals & collateral
Complete brand guidelines
How to use your brand everywhere
Social Covers & Avatars
Brand all your socials
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*Example Styleguide
We went from getting 20 logos made by other designers (and liking zero of them) to Logolaunch giving us 3 brands to choose from and loving all 3 of them!
Jackson, Echelonn
A real team of brand experts

Meet the team

Scott Bair Director

Scott drives projects from start to finish ensuring every Logolaunch project is a complete success — from the moment you engage with us to the final delivery of your brand + styleguide.

Wes Bancroft Designer

Wes designs every brand + styleguide at Logolaunch, making sure each brand uniquely captures your vision. The styleguides he creates make it easy to build your brand across your entire business.


No nonsense pricing, made accessible for startups.
Get 3 unique brand concepts + in-depth strategy
Get started
What’s included:
1-Hour brand strategy workshop
3 distinct brand concepts
As many revisions as needed
Full color palette
Typography + Fonts
Multiple real world mockups
Complete brand guidelines
Exported files
Social covers & avatars
A solid brand foundation and the core assets to launch and win
Get started
Everything from the Starter plan, plus:
Branded pitch deck template
Social post templates
Social content framework
Logo animation
Figma UI design system
Looking for more?
Get in-depth strategy, positioning, & a robust visual identity with a top agency.
Pricing starts at
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What will I receive from Logolaunch?

Not only will you get a 1-hour brand strategy workshop with us, but the main difference between us and other "logo" services is that we create an entire brand guidelines/style guide for your business, so you will know how to implement your brand consistently, everywhere. Of course on top of that, we send you JPG, PNG and SVG files of your visual identity so you can start using your brand right away.

How will we communicate?

We’ll have our communication in one shared project board. In it, you’ll find everything you can expect from us and the things we’ll need from you. You can send direct messages and share feedback directly in the project. Feel free to add anyone else from your team.

How is this different from hiring a logo designer?

We don’t just give you a logo file — we give you guidelines and brand examples to ensure your brand launches with high quality at every touchpoint, from web to product. Our carefully crafted strategy questions help us to create smarter, more scalable, and longer lasting brands.

How is this different from A.I. logo generators?

Your company is unique and you should have a visual identity that accurately reflects what makes you different. Cookie-cutter designs can’t do that. We’re human and create brands that reflect that.

Will I actually receive my design within 21 days?

Yes! Shocking, we know. If you can provide feedback within 24 hours, we’ll be able to get the designs completed in time. However, if you need more time, it’s not a problem at all.

How do payments work?

You pay 50% up-front to secure your spot and we’ll charge the remaining 50% upon final approval.

What if I’m not happy with my designs?

Having created hundreds of successful brands, we’re confident you’ll love it. But if it’s not just right, we can offer you a full refund or provide you as many revisions as needed in order to get it right.

Can you help with relaunching my website with my updated visual identity?

Funny you should ask — we offer two plans to help you not only update your website with your new Logolaunch brand, but we’ll rewrite your website copy using proven practices pulled from top startups. Here’s the thing though... you can only access our Sitelaunch program if you're first a Logolaunch customer. Just let us know if you’re interested in this service when you start your Logolaunch project with us.

What brand would win in a cage fight: Nike or Apple, and why?

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